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Preparе Your Hotels for a Post-Pandemic World

During the coronavirus pandemic, which took over the whole world, it is very important to remember, that sooner or later (and hopefully – quite soon) it will end. Cities will become alive again, people will wake up from quarantine, return to usual social life and will slowly start travelling – even though less frequently. However, hotels need to be ready for the post-pandemic crisis, fears and worries of people during several months, or maybe years, and take appropriate measures. However, the so-called «clean house» is not the only and definitely not the most modern option for the 21st century hotel.

What are the first thighs that can be included by hoteliers in the repertory of their «clean house»? First, put antiseptic bottles at the most visible place in the lobby, at the reception desk and in the rooms. Second, make hotel employees to always work in masks and gloves. Third, buy some kind of antibacterial bedding, and do the laundry with a high-efficiency detergent. Which is good, but clearly not enough for a modern «clean house», let alone for a real care and tourist comfort in the post-pandemic world.

395267432 457245544In the 21st century, the age of technology, let's not forget about its power right now, when it is needed the most. Although, I must admit, in some places the tech solutions for hotel services already exist. For example, one of Hong Kong hotels took seriously the need for «contactless» service and hired an unconventional worker – an AI robot called Genie, who will deliver room service and go through disinfection after each visit to guests. But what will the majority of hotels do, who cannot afford a robot, but want to do more than just the basics of disinfection?

The DeskBell technological complex for hotel industry, including the mobile app, is ready to collaborate with hoteliers to develop and implement appropriate measures for contactless service, affordable for each hotel. Let's begin with the check-in. How does it usually happen? 395267432 457245546A tourist walks into the hotel, goes to reception, maybe has to wait in the line, confirms the booking, gets the key and goes to the room. In this case, there are at least two contacts: a hotel employee and another tourist in the line in front of him. How can you avoid that? Arriving in a hotel, the tourists opens the DeskBell app, checks in automatically, receives his electronic key and immediately proceeds to his room without contacting anyone. If he is not comfortable with the technology and does not want to use an electronic key, or the hotel itself is not ready for this novelty, this solution can be partial. Arriving in a hotel, the tourist notifies through the app about his arrival and checks in the line; as soon as a receptionist is ready, the tourist's smartphone receives a notification – and he goes to the reception. But in this case, it is necessary to limit the number of people, simultaneously standing next to the reception desk, otherwise everything will be useless.

395267432 457245545Imagine one more situation. A tourist is in the room, but wants to go outside and wants to do it contactless as well. When the hotel is full, it is rather hard, but still possible using the tourist's smartphone. He doesn't need to peek outside and wait for the moment when the hallway will be empty. Thanks to a feature called hotel traffic control, everything is much easier. Just notify you want to leave the room pressing just one button, and you will receive clear instructions on which way to go and which elevator to use, so that you won't meet any staff member or hotel guest.

Of course, these are just some solutions, which can be used by hotels at this point to attract tourists and make their stay more convenient. But let me tell you: the coronavirus pandemic, which became a global problem for the whole world, requires suitable solutions. It is important to understand that the implementation of contactless services technology does not exclude the implementation of new health and safety regulations; but also the «clean house» is not enough today, and what we need is more tech solutions.


Dmitry Finogeev


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